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Sprite Week at the Blackwater Sailing Club 2012

With the success of Sprite Week in June 2011 it was decided to run the week this year over 4 days with 8 races competing for the Heron Cup

The outlook for the weather over the week was not favourable

Day 1.

Race 1 – The First Race had 3 seasons of weather all rolled into an hour with Bright Sunshine, Monsoon Rain and Force 6 Winds, 8 boat entered with very close racing

1st Nida II

2nd Djyn

3rd Aeolus

Race 2 – The wind was a steady force 5 with occasional force 6 gusts and even a mini tornado passed over the fleet which caused confusion. The start was very lively with boats over the line and a few collisions  and penalty turns being completed by the end of the race 2 boats had capsized and Flook had lost her mast

1st Djynn

2nd Nida II

3rd Banshee

Day 2

Race 1 and 2 were held either side of High Water and as predicted by the Weathermen the rain came along just as the racing started with a very steady force 3 from the East with yet more close racing with only 2 minutes separating the fleet at the finish line

Race 3

1st Djynn

2nd Juno

3rd Nida II

Race 4

1st Djynn

2nd Aeolus

3rd Nida II

Day 3

Race 4 and 5 Were cancelled due to the unseasonal depression which came across from the Atlantic with force 9 winds across the south Coast

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  1. Hope you like it Ian, looks nice :-)

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