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Following the success of the World Championships in 2009 held with a 20 strong Sprite Fleet at the Club, Sprite Week has been revived after an absence of 30 years. It was held at the beginning of June 2011 with eight races over 4 days – racing for the Heron Cup which has been competed for since 1954.

Day 1 was a very gusty day, force 3-4 and variable wind conditions with the fleet of 10 dinghies sailing with very close racing and changing positions to get the week underway.

Winner of Races 1 & 2 Graham and Tricia Parker – Thaleia

Day 2 had variable and light breezes with two shortened courses due to lack of wind, but the races were finished with lots of very exciting position changes and spinnaker work due to the variable conditions.

Winner of Race 3:- Chris and Katherine Nichols – Nida II

Winner of Race 4:- Ian and Ellie Barbrook – Banshee

Day 3 was a lovely steady force 2-3 NE breeze set in and it was very steady racing with not so many place

changes throughout the races, but the wind direction made for a very crowded and hectic start line for each race.

Winner of Races 5 & 6:- Mick and Pat Sargeant – Djinn

Day 4 - force 4-5 North East wind very variable and gusty which made tacking along the Northey Shore

off Heybridge Basin great fun for all competitors and for the spectators on-shore. Many position changes happened during both races with plenty of spinnaker flying, high speed action and many penalty turns for near misses.

Winner of Race Race 7:- Mick and Pat Sargeant – Djinn

Winner of Race Race 8:- Graham and Tricia Parker – Thaleia


Overall Results

1st Mick and Pat Sargeant – Djinn

2nd Graham and Trish Parker – Thaleia

3rd Chris and katherine Nichols – Nida II

4th Bevis Wright and Tessa Young – Juno

5th Donald Tipper and Rorie Ash – Aeolus

6th Ian and Ellie Barbrook – Banshee

7th Elizabeth Waterfield and Jane Fitzgerald – Mustardseed

8th Steve and Frankie Ash – Ariel

= 9th Pat Woodgate and Mick Terry – Arrow

= 9th Sheena Berney and Jane Hare – Pegasus

The week was a resounding success with a rare sight – just the Sprite fleet racing on the river as it would have been in the early 1960′s. We aim to make this event a permanent fixture for the future and to have more boats entered, with helms from other classes joining in the racing to have an extra weeks sailing on top of BSC club week. Many thanks to everyone who helped to organise the event and to the competitors for supporting the week.

email:- classcaptain@spriteclass.co.uk

Ian Barbrook

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