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The East Coast One Design Class now have all 10 of the DSC00267Original Boats back in their fleet on the East Coast and to Celebrate their 100th year they held a Race  which was to be Raced from Osea Pier To Maldon.

On July 6th 2013 The Sprite Fleet (from the Blackwater Sailing Club) and The Royal Burnham One Designs (from Burnham) were invited to sail in The East East One Design  Centenary Regatta. The Race was to started at Osea Pier at 10am which was 2 hours before high water which presented the Sprites with a logistical problem – getting there on time, the problem was solved! it was to put the boats on outer moorings the day before and to be towed down river Barry Foulds would behind the Launch.

The Saturday morning was a perfect Summers day when we arrived at the Sailing Club eventually, the tide was high enough in the Rill and we all made our way out to the moorings with assitance of Clint Swann in his Dory and Rowing Dinghies Rowed accross the Mud.

Once all the Crews were aboard the Sprites Barry picked us  off the Morings one at a time with the Launch to tow us line astern behind (Diesel Fumes an’all- hey Derek!) and headed down river making steady progress in the tide and a gentle easterly.

When we arrived at the Pier_F4A8774 10 East Coast One Design’s, 10 Royal Burnham’s  along with 5 Sprites were entered, enventually after a delay of about half an hour (partly because we did’nt arrive on time and partly a lack of wind) Tommy Mills (OOD)  stared the race at 10.30 by this time a gentle force 2 was filling in from the East. We had a good tacking battle with the Royal Burnham’s and East Coast One Design’s along the Osea Beach (many going aground) against a 2-3 Knot tide but some crafty skippers who knew the patch of water sneaked up along the Stansgate shore and made better progress around the Marconi turning mark (approx 10 Minuites) once we had all made the turning mark eventually we had a Boys and Boatsgentle spinnaker run back up the river via the Doctor to finish at Maldon Little Ship Club next to the Promanade Park where the Sprites we finishing ahead of some of the Bigger Boats in the Fleet.
The Sprite Winner was Steve Ash (sneaky skipper) and Derek Cockerill in Flook  who won a Trophy for their efforts. To Celebrate we all headed to the Beach on the Prom For an Ice Cream.

The Eventual Winner Dereck with the winners Trophy

The Eventual Winner Derek with the winners Trophy

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